London Gazette Advertisement: Maximise A Winding Up Petition

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Facing the complexities of insolvency and winding up proceedings can be overwhelming. One crucial step in this process is advertising the winding up petition in the London Gazette. In this article, we will explore when to use a London Gazette advertisement and the importance of getting it right.

As a trade magazine specializing in company and personal insolvency procedures, the London Gazette plays a pivotal role in conveying crucial information. This includes liquidation notices, bankruptcy petitions, and more. Without advertising in the London Gazette, the court cannot proceed with winding up a company.

When to Use A London Gazette Advertisement

If you’ve initiated a winding up petition for an unpaid or undisputed debt, it’s crucial to understand the timeline for advertising in the London Gazette. Seven days after the petition has been served, the advertisement should appear in the London Gazette. The primary purpose is to inform other creditors about the petition. Allowing them the opportunity to support it with their own outstanding debts.

Creating the Advert

Crafting the winding up petition advertisement is a delicate task. Once published, the advert is visible to credit reference agencies, trade suppliers, and banks. Mistakes in the advert could expose the petitioning company to potential claims for damages. To place an advert, contact Upon request, an application pack will be sent to set up an account. Once established, the advert can be submitted online.

It is essential to note that the Gazette advertisement cannot be published less than 7 business days from proper service of the petition at the company’s registered office address, or more than 7 working days before the hearing date for the petition (if a winding-up order is to be made at that hearing). 

The London Gazette is reserved for verified individuals acting in official capacities, such as insolvency practitioners, solicitors, chartered accountants, and executors of wills. Government entities are also authorised to publish public notices, including those related to planning, highways, and Statutory Rules.

Notices published in The Gazette are accessible on, with hard copy printed and PDF editions available. The Gazette is produced daily, and submission deadlines should be considered, especially in cases of online publishing for selected notice types.

Navigating the winding up process requires careful consideration of every step, including the advertisement in the London Gazette. By understanding when and how to utilise this platform, along with the critical details to include, companies can enhance the effectiveness of their winding up petitions and ensure a smoother resolution to the insolvency proceedings.

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