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Debt Recovery that Works

Unlock Your Unpaid Debts with I&L Recoveries

Buyer-supplier relationships are key in business. In most cases, buyers become debtors by taking goods and services from suppliers who eventually become their creditors.

However, debtors don't always honor their invoices. But, we've got you covered.

Your Trusted Ally

I&L Recoveries is your trusted ally for debt recovery. We step in as a reliable third-party solution, we specialise in streamlining the retrieval of outstanding funds owed to you by debtors.

We Streamline The Process

Imagine pursuing a disputed £50,000 debt independently—it could drain £10,000 and a staggering 18 months in legal battles, all without guaranteed success.

We offer a swifter, more cost-effective solution, sparing you the complexities and uncertainties of lengthy legal battles.



The I&L Recoveries Way

The I&L Recoveries Way

What sets us aside from your bog standard debt recovery?


Thorough Approach

Our approach to debt recovery is far from ordinary. Each case undergoes a thorough review and assessment before we proceed. If we are unable to take on your debt, we will provide you with a clear explanation.

writing an agreement

Real Time Updates

We pride ourselves on our strong communication with our clients. You will be kept in the loop with the latest developments as they happen.

Our Network Of Professionals

We work closely with insolvency practitioners and lawyers who are experts in debt litigation, insolvency and related areas of commercial law. As a result, we can:

  • Serve Statutory Demands and Winding up Petitions at short notice
  • Oversee the freezing of company bank accounts and other assets during a winding-up procedure
  • Replace a liquidator or administrator with one chosen by creditors



(Debtor must be a limited company registered in England)





Debt Assignment

Commercial Debt Recovery

Winding Up Petitions

Issuing Statutory Demands

Enforcing Country Court Judgements

If you've received no payment despite selling a product or delivering a service and rendering an invoice, it's likely that your customer is:

  • Trading while insolvent
  • On the brink of collapse
  • Paying other creditors instead of you
  • Exposing you to suffer unnecessary loss
  • Using your credit terms as an unsecured, interest-free loan
  • Transferring assets into a new business while leaving you and other creditors behind to perish with old company

If any of this sounds, feels or looks familiar, you probably know that it's time to commence debt recovery action...