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We get it, no one likes waiting for unpaid invoices.

Specifically, if a company owes you a debt of £750 or more that is both undisputed and less than six years old (For individuals, the threshold is £5,000). Then you may consider serving a statutory demand.

Subsequently, if your debtor fails to agree to payment terms within 18 days of receiving your statutory demand for payment, you hold the cards. You're empowered to seek guidance on initiating bankruptcy or company liquidation proceedings.

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Serve a statutory demand with professional support...

In the event that your debtor does not respond to your statutory demand form, it is important to take prompt action.

We have recovery options available that are sure to suit your specific needs. So why wait? Call us now for a free consultation with a member of our recoveries team to discuss:

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Before launching insolvency proceedings against a debtor, you must first serve either a:

  • Formal demand
  • Statutory demand

Moreover, you will strengthen your case by serving a statutory demand before presenting a petition to:

Finally, statutory demands are not obligatory in winding up a company. Alternatively, you may issue a formal demand that:

  • Confirms the amount owed
  • Explains why the debt is owed
  • Threatens winding-up proceedings unless payment is made within 18 days



(Debtor must be a limited company registered in England)